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NTN Donates Four Units of “NTN Green Power Stations” to K


For regional disaster and crime prevention measures, and as a proposal for locally produced and consumed renewable energy
NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has donated four units of “NTN Green Power Station”*1*2 to Kumamoto Prefecture. These stations use wind and solar energy to generate electricity.

NTN celebrated its 100th anniversary back on March 1, 2018 and is developing measures for coexisting with local communities to show appreciation for all the support it has received from local residents, and as an expression of the company's commitment to work together with local communities in the future as well. As a part of this activity, NTN has decided to donate*3 a total of 17 “NTN Green Power Stations” to five regions in Japan (Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture, Iwata City in Shizuoka Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, and Kumamoto Prefecture). NTN started donating the units to each region since 2017, and the most recent donation to Kumamoto Prefecture marks the last donation to be made to all five regions.

On this occasion, NTN installed a total of four units of “NTN Green Power Station” in three locations, namely the Kumamoto Prefectural Toryo High School, the Road Station “Asobo-no-sato Kugino,” and the Kashimamachi Fureai Center. All of the locations are designated as evacuation sites during times of disaster. The units donated this time can be used as street lights during normal times, and as emergency power sources during times of disaster.

On November 23, Educational Director Yamamoto from the Kumamoto Education Bureau gave a letter of appreciation to Executive Officer Ishikawa from NTN's Green Energy Product Division at the Kumamoto Prefectural Office in honor of the “NTN Green Power Stations” the company donated this time. Educational Director Yamamoto stated, “We are extremely grateful for the donation NTN made at the Kumamoto Prefectural Toryo High School which is a designated evacuation site. Now, children and local residents alike can have greater peace of mind. The high school is currently focusing efforts into activities related to disaster prevention management and education for disaster prevention, and the ‘NTN Green Power Station’ installed there will be used to protect the region during times of emergency. Even now, I want to introduce this remarkable product to other regions having trouble coping with disasters.”

NTN will continue developing various products that utilize natural energy, such as the “NTN Green Power Station,” to help create sustainable societies.

The name of the “NTN Hybrid Street Light” was changed to “NTN Green Power Station” from October 2018.
NTN Launches Extremely Silent Hybrid Street Lights:
August 19, 2016 press release
NTN Donates “NTN Hybrid Street Lights” as Company's 100th Anniversary Activity:
August 16,2017 press release

About “NTN Green Power Station”
The “NTN Green Power Station” is a device utilizing two forms of natural energy; wind and solar light, to generate electricity. LED lights installed on the unit automatically turn on at night using power it generated during the day. Its vertical axis wind turbine with a proprietary blade shape does not disturb the air around it or generate any swooshing sounds. It makes almost no noise, and can be installed in various areas of local communities, including public facilities such as parks and schools, as well as commercial buildings. The built-in battery provides power for illumination for 5 days when fully charged, and features an independent power supply that can be used as an emergency power supply during disasters or power outages.



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