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SKF Eliminating premature bearing failure


Costly premature bearing failure caused by improper fitting can now be eliminated easily and economically by using the comprehensive bearing mounting and demounting service offered by Eriks UK, the supplier of industrial products and services.

Eriks, the only SKF Certified Maintenance Partner in the UK, offers the service from the nationwide network of 24 Eriks workshops, ensuring that prompt local service is available throughout the country. 

In addition to mounting and demounting bearings, Eriks can also fully evaluate bearing systems including, for example, consideration of lubrication provisions and sealing, to ensure that the solution in place is optimum for the application. 

On the basis of its evaluation, Eriks will provide recommendations on the best products to use.

To make its already cost-effective bearing mounting service even more attractive, for shaft sizes over 3.5 inches diameter, Eriks offers a discount on bearings supplied and fitted by the company. Also included at no extra cost for these larger bearings are condition evaluation visits 12 and 24 months after fitting.

According to statistics produced by major bearing manufacturers, a large per centage of bearings fail to meet their normal life expectation because they have been incorrectly installed. Typical problems include poor alignment, defective arrangements for lubrication and errors in clamping that result in the bearings running hot. 

The bearing experts in the Eriks installation teams are, however, provided with the latest tools and specially trained to ensure that these problems do not occur. As a result, the bearings deliver longer life, and the risk of expensive breakdowns is greatly reduced, yielding cost savings that almost invariably greatly outweigh the small cost of the mounting service.

For the growing number of companies that are using active condition monitoring, the Eriks bearing mounting service can offer additional savings, as the sensors needed for effective condition monitoring can be installed at the same time as the bearings, thereby substantially reducing overall costs.



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