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Ather Energy Plans to Expand into the Auto Hub of India in 2


The electric vehicle firm, Ather Energy has announced the plan to enter the Chennai—the Auto Hub of India in June 2019. Following closely after its announcement of launching in multiple cities in 2019, Chennai is the second city that the company is foraying into after the launch in Bengaluru in 2018.

With this expansion, the company entered into its rapid expansion phase and plans to extend capabilities in 30 different cities over the forthcoming years. In its Bengaluru launch, the company will unveil its products 450 and 340 and also set up public charging infrastructure. The company also announced free charging at Ather Points for all electric vehicles for the initial six months to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in the city.

Ather Energy’s intelligent and electric scooters are recognized to offer easy accessibility and convenience to its owners by enabling them to identify the location of charging points and their real-time availability via the Ather Grid app. This variant is presently existent in Bengaluru and is running at 24 charging stations having 31 charging points.

With such remarkable success in Bengaluru, wherein the stocks of the company’s 450 variant being sold out until September 2019 in Bengaluru alone, the company has released its privileges of early access for customers in Chennai and the rest of the country as it inclines upwards. Furthermore, the option of pre-order interest made available on the company’s website provides consumers with priority deliveries, invitations to exclusive events, booking access for Ather 340 and Ather 450, and test rides.

The company’s founders Tarun and Swapnil, IIT Madras graduates have an inclination towards Chennai which has become a hub of technology and innovation. The plan of building electric scooters in place of battery packs for addressing the influx of sub-standard electric vehicles flooding the market in India.

Ather Energy Chief Business Officer, Ravneet Phokela said that post the successful launch in Bengaluru, the company is extending its offerings in Chennai. The initiation in Chennai is like a homecoming for the company as Ather was conceptualized in IIT Madras. Ravneet further added that they have already received pre-order interest from its supporters on the website. The company aims to extend the similar go-to-market strategy implemented in Bengaluru starting from the pre-order acceptance, setting up of the Experience Center and charging infrastructure, and delivery of vehicles.



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