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Countering the counterfeiters from SKF


From ad-hoc to added value
The best approach, however, is to ensure that the parts you buy come from an approved source. Bearing manufacturer websites and customer services departments can point users to approved local suppliers anywhere in the world. 

Another approach, one that is finding favour with a growing number of marine operators, is a move away from the ad-hoc purchase of critical components such as bearings. SKF, for example, has global supply agreements in place with several companies in the sector. These arrangements ensure vessel operators have access to the components they need, whenever and wherever they need them, either direct from SKF or via authorised distributors. 

A direct relationship also allows marine operators to access a higher level of knowledge and support. SKF has decades of experience in rotating equipment performance, and we work with companies across industries to help them get the most out of their equipment. That can involve advices on bearing selection, installation and maintenance or root-cause failure analysis to solve persistent and trick reliability issues. Increasingly, vessel operators are also taking advantage of our advanced remote condition-monitoring services, enabled by the latest machine learning technologies. 

For vessel operators, the choice should be clear. Why risk compromising critical equipment with counterfeit technology, when the alternative could be genuine improvements in reliability, productivity and availability? 



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