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NSK New Driver Unit for Megatorque Motor™ PS/PN Series


Model Selection Moving Forward

The EDD model driver unit succeeds the EDC model for standard configurations.

EDC Driver

Available to support CC-Link and MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ functionality.    

EDD Driver
(New model)

For all other configurations.    

*We recommend the EDD model unless using CC-Link or MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ.


1. Interchangeability with EDC Model

Same external dimensions (same attachment dimensions).

Supports current positioning command systems and input/output signals.

2. Improved Safety

Updated connector design to prevent improper insertion. Also includes a locking mechanism to help prevent accidental detachment (unplugging). EDD models accordingly use a new cable set.

3. Improved Usability

Updated and unified power supply to a single phase 100-240 [VAC] unit. (Previously was two models: single phase 200-230 [VAC] and 100-115 [VAC].)

Analog control input is now standard on EDD model. Can control speed and torque.

Pulse train position command maximum input frequency increased to 2 MHz (previously 1 MHz) enabling even quicker high-accuracy positioning during high speed operation.

Added USB connector to link with a computer installed with “EDD Megaterm” software. The new EDD software supports high speed oscilloscopes and FFT, and has been updated overall to make it easier to control, edit, and tune settings. Note: The English version of EDD Megaterm is expected to launch in April 2020.



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