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NSK Offers Sleeve Bearings or Bushings


NSK has introduced a range of sleeves, aimed mainly at OEMs and other volume users of sleeves or lubricated bushings used in equipment such as excavator buckets, backhoe linkages and conveyors. NSK is able to offer bespoke designs, manufactured using its own super hard wearing bearing steels, combined with many years of lubrication expertise to help deliver improved wear life and ensure reliable performance in tough mine and quarry applications.

Sleeve bearings or bushings are a crucial component in achieving reliable operation in a range of buckets, blades, backhoes and conveyor equipment. Separating the mechanical actuation part of the assembly with the bucket or container the design and material specification of a sleeve can determine the wear life of the entire piece of plant equipment. Not all OEMs and other volume users however are fully aware of the advantages of using a bearing manufacturer to produce their sleeves.



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