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NSK Setting the Future in Motion with New Ball Screw Units f


Our success is thanks to the technology we have worked hard cultivating and strong communication

TakashiThe key to this product was the development of new manufacturing methods. To this end, NSK's knowledge of bearing and ball screw technology and production cultivated up until now was essential. For example, in terms of bearing technology, as products are required to be smaller and lighter, we have integrated the ball screw and support bearing. I think we were able to achieve this structure because NSK is a manufacturer that produces both bearings and ball screws, we understand how the components work together.

In terms of internal communication, I think it was also important that we had close exchanges of opinions with the department that designs products during the production line design stage. I think it was good that we had a lot of constructive discussions in each of these roles, and we were all working towards the same goal.

ShoujiThe "low resistance ball screw for regenerative brake system" announced back in 2011 gave us a footing for this product. The automation of the production line for the new ball screw unit was based on the process and equipment design knowledge from the launch of this product.

Many processes on the line were automated for this product. Since automation means no longer relying on work by humans and human judgment, it is imperative to have equipment in place which is reliable and makes it impossible to make mistakes. With limited time and resources, and with the cooperation of the relevant departments and production equipment manufacturers, I think that thinking and working together have allowed us to realize the mass production of this product.



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