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NTN Nagano Works Succeeded Emergence of Reverdin's


Contribute to restore the population of endangered butterfly

Nagano Works, one of the production site of NTN Corporation in Nagano Prefecture succeeded the emergence of Reverdin's Blue, the butterfly which Nagano works has worked on the conservation activity inside the premises.

Reverdin's Blue is the butterfly who lives mainly in Kanto and Chubu region of Japan. Its population is decreasing due to the decrease of larval food plant. It was specified as endangered species IB in Red List of Ministry of the Environment in Japan.

In order to contribute to the sustainable development of society, the NTN Group has made the NTN Environment Policy*, and is working to conserve biodiversity, placing top priority on coexistence with the local environment. In accordance with this policy, Nagano Works concluded Biodiversity Conservation Partnership Agreement with Nagano Prefecture in 2019, and cooperated with the prefecture to conserve the Reverdin's Blue. In the same year, as part of our conservation activities, Nagano Works began activities in the premise of the plant to ensure the colonization of the Reverdin's Blue.

The activities began with the development of reserve in the premise, and employees planted the larval food plant, egg laying tests, and grass cutting in protected areas, under the guidance of nature conservation organizations and Shinshu University.

As a result of these efforts, the larvae hatched in April of this year, and emerged for the first time on June 2.More than 10 butterflies have been identified until today.

Currently, Nagano Works is working to expand its reserves and stabilize its breeding. In the future, we plan to open up protected areas to citizens and provide them with opportunities to think about the natural environment.

In addition to these activities, NTN Group promotes activities to maintain nearby forests at business sites throughout Japan, and will continue contributing to the protection of the natural environment and the enhancement of environmental awareness.



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