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FAG Complete Hub, the ready-to-install complete solution inc



Easy installation for absolute safety and maximum durability

Fast repair during initial installation as well as after-sales services

Proven original spare-part quality

With the FAG Complete Hub Schaeffler complements its product portfolio for the repair of the wheel bearing of trucks and trailers and allows a simple and complete repair including the wheel hub. Depending on the application, the complete FAG Complete Hub includes the wheel hub including the respective Schaeffler repair solution FAG Repair Insert Unit, FAG Truck Hub Unit or FAG SmartSET, the ABS encoder as well as all the necessary accessories such as screws and bolts.

Maximum security and extended service intervals for maximum mobility

Cycle bearings are among the most heavily loaded components in commercial vehicles. The repair is costly and time-consuming. Schaeffler has developed a complete assembly unit with the FAG Complete Hub, which is already pre-assembled, pre-positioned and delivered for life. This saves the workshop and fleet operators not only valuable time in the repair. In addition, due to the reduced complexity of repair, possible sources of errors such as insufficient lubrication or penetrating dirt are excluded from the outset. This gives the workshop safety during repair, minimizes assembly-related sequential damage and allows a long service life of the components. The plus: Thanks to the increased repair quality and durability of the components, the service intervals are extended and have a positive effect on the operating costs of fleet operators.

Fast and safe even during maintenance or subsequent repair

In the case of pending maintenance or, for example, a brake repair, the FAG Complete Hub already assembled enables a particularly fast repair. Because: The FAG Complete Hub always includes optimized, pre-assembled Schaeffler wheel bearing units for repairs. This keeps it as a closed unit during disassembly and reassembly. A new installation of the inner ring or any other necessary lubrication of the bearing are eliminated and give the workshop an additional time saving. In particular, the FAG Complete Hub with the FAG SmartSET for use in vehicles with standard ball roller bearings stands out from the competition.

Proven original spare-part quality

The FAG Complete Hub contains only FAG wheel bearings of proven OE quality. Each individual product is subject to strict quality control. Thus, the perfect bearing seat and the light, balanced running of the wheel bearing in the wheel hub are always tested. Of course, all components meet the usual quality standards of the series manufacturers. The 24-article range under the FAG brand includes the customized repair solution for all common European applications.



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